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This ish right here! It’s pretty damn amazing, powerful, yummy and a must have.

Yes, it’s honey but not just any honey. It’s a healing honey that can be used internally (via spoonfuls or in tea) or externally (on hair, skin, cuts).

My partner suffers from cystic acne. NOTHING was working to help reduce his painful bumps (or scars that were left behind by past breakouts). We did some research and I KNEW manuka honey would pop up. He’s been using it for over 2 months and I am proud to say his acne is under control, his scars have faded and some have even disappeared.

How he uses it (nightly):
-smears about 1 tablespoon all over his face and leaves it on for 15-30 minutes.
-takes a warm rag and removes the honey from his face.
-rinses with cold water

that’s it.

I’ve been using this honey on my hair (when I had hair) and in my tea for over a year. Now, since my head is shaved, I use it on my scalp after my haircuts to minimize itching and flaking. I leave it on for about 15 mins before rinsing.

I love this stuff. You know what’s funny? It actually smells like medicated honey, even though nothing is added to it. It’s crazy how the earth and it’s workers (the bees) can produce such magic!

Manuka honey isn’t cheap BUT it’s worth the 26 bucks.

We got ours from Amazon. It’s cheaper there than at Wholefoods or Roots Market.

I highly suggest you research it if you’re struggling with acne or acne scars. And in general, having this honey a part of your diet and/or holistic health regimen is pretty damn awesome.

Google it. Thank me later. xoxoxo

How is Nana Vistor SO PRETTY

I’m wide awake at 4am again ugh just when I had my sleep schedule sort of back to normal



Here’s the thing about being pro choice that people don’t get…
You don’t have to morally agree with abortion to be pro choice. That’s why it’s not called pro abortion. It’s an understanding that you can’t make that choice for someone else and they have full control over that not you. It’s pro I’m not the boss of everyone else.

This is important.

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"There’s all these songs about loving a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful. But what about loving a girl that does? How come liking myself makes me less appealing?"
- My 12 year old cousin is actually pretty deep (via imjust-a-girl)

She doesn’t know that I’m leaving until December in less than three weeks and can’t take her with me. D:

No joke

My not-grandma did the ice bucket challenge and it is the funniest thing